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“Which Score?”

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My brother, R. J., was known for his ability to concentrate. That’s an asset in the long run for a professional-level sports bettor, but as with an absent-minded professor, it can have strange and often funny consequences.

R. J. and I were at the Barbary Coast watching the closing seconds of a late NFL game between the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks. The point spread winner of the game had long since been decided. The underdog Seahawks had a commanding lead, 28-14, and had the game won outright. My brother and I were still interested, however, because we were both on the ’under’ bet. The over/under line on the game was 48 1/2 points.

Of course, with the score 28-14 and time running out, we seemed to be in good shape, having bet the game ’under’ 48 1/2 points. Trouble was, Denver and their Superquarterback John Elway had the ball, and they were driving against Seattle’s dreaded "prevent defense." The Seahawks, meanwhile, had already begun to celebrate their unexpected victory. It was a situation very familiar to over/under bettors.

While we were watching the game, a fellow came wandering up from the casino area and began watching the game with us. He’d probably noticed our interest in the game and wondered what was going on.

After watching awhile, this fellow asked my brother, "What’s the score?"

Without missing a beat and without moving his eyes from the screen, R. J. answered abruptly, "Forty-two."

(...The Broncos went on to score, by the way, losing 28-21 and beating us by half a point.)

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