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“A Sheik Drops By”

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Many years ago, or I should say several. I was playing Black Jack at the Dunes and quite enjoying myself. My date had drifted off to the other side of the casino to play poker. As I placed my bet, a foreign gentleman handed me a card and nodded. He begged my pardon and then said that his employer wanted to have a drink with me.

Taken somewhat aback. I replied that if his employer wished to have a drink with me, he should ask me himself. The man quietly left while apologizing for disturbing me. I then looked down at the card he had handed me. His employer was "some sheik or other". The other players at the table smiled and rather looked at me in an odd way.

A few moments later , the man returned begging my pardon again. He gave a small bow and then gestured to his side. I turned to look, as he endeavored to introduce his employer (some sheik or other dressed in a black tuxedo. I was stunned. The sheik took my hand and kissed it and asked if I minded if he joined me. My jaw still dropped, he placed himself in the chair next to mine and dismissed his gentleman friend; who dropped back several yards but remained attentive. I was offered a drink.

I explained that my date was in the casino at the poker table and would be joining me shortly. The sheik said he did not mind and looked forward to meeting him. I then said that I would prefer champagne. He replied "but of course". He turned and gestured to his gentleman and quietly chatted with him. Next thing I know, the pit boss showed up at our table. He said, he was sorry that champagne buckets were not allowed out on the casino floor but would be happy to have it brought over to the inside of the pit area and place it by our Black Jack dealer. Which he did.

Then, the sheik instructed him to bring two more bottles and serve our other table companions. That it would indeed be rude to brandish champagne in front of them and not offer them the same. Needless to say I was totally enchanted. It’s not everyday that a Sheik drops by. MEGAPLAY CASINO...also a great No Download Casino! Fast payouts, lots of games and easy to use. WebTV and Mac friendly. This is a good one to checkout!

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