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Gambling Anecdotes - Short and Sweet

“Murphy’s Law & Sports Betting:”

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Sometimes the wheels come off a team, and there’s just no explaining what happened. All the emotional and subjective factors in the universe seem to converge and cause awesome consequences. On February 27, 1998, the NBA Portland Trailblazers were visiting the Indiana Pacers. The ’Blazers were getting 4 points. We handicapped the game in our usual way, and finally decided the ’Blazers were a good betting opportunity at +4...

Portland ended up losing the game, 124-59. We lost the bet by two more points than Portland scored.

“The Ex-Gambler”

In Week Eleven of the 1995 NFL season, the San Francisco 49ers were 9-point underdogs at Dallas.

I was in line to place a bet at the Mirage sportbook in Las Vegas. The fellow ahead of me finished placing a bet, stepped aside, and paused to put his ticket in his wallet. A woman who had to be this guy’s wife stepped up and confronted him. She was scowling, angry, and obviously disapproved of his buying the ticket.

She hissed sarcastically, "After last week, I thought you were all finished gambling on football."

The fellow thought for a moment, unconsciously stroked his wallet, and answered, "I’m getting the 49ers plus nine points...You can’t call that gambling."

(...Sure enough, the 49ers beat the Cowboys outright, 38-20.)

“The Baseball Expert”

My brother, R. J., swears this is a true story, and - who knows - this might be where this story actually started.

One September years ago, R. J. was flying to San Diego from Las Vegas and found himself seated next to a baseball bettor who was on a very bad losing streak. This fellow spilled his heart out, describing in painful detail having several losing weeks in a row.

"Nothing seems to help," the fellow whined. "Sides, over/unders, home teams, visitors, dogs, favorites... I’m losing everything. Good pitchers have bad days, bad pitchers have good days...It’s the worst losing streak I’ve ever had."

After listening to this dreadful tale for what seemed like ’way too long, my brother finally suggested, "Maybe you should switch to football for awhile."

"Football?!" the guy moaned disgustedly, "What the hell do I know about football?!"

“Fernando Valenzuela’s Revenge:”

Dodger’s ex-manager Tommy Lasorda is a friend of HEE-HAW producer Sam Lovullo. I was one of the writers for the show and I met Tommy when he visited our set in Nashville.

When the Dodgers’ Mexican pitching great Fernando Valenzuela was negotiating for a new contract, I asked Tommy how much it was going to take to get Valenzuela signed.

Tommy answered, "He wants Texas back."

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