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“The Bad Bet of the Decade”

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It was the 1999 MLB playoffs. It was the bottom of the 15th inning between the Braves and Mets. The game was tied, 3-3. The bases were loaded and my friend Adrian from Singapore was on the "Over" 9.0 runs. With the score 3-3, he needed to catch a long shot break to win, of course.

Whaddayouknow, with the bases loaded Robbin Ventura came to bat and hit a grand slam home run!

Adrian was ecstatic, of course. A final score of 7-3! "Over" 9! His sportbook credited his account with his winnings and all was right with the world.

...But wait....Or was it? The fans flooded the field, the players piled onto Ventura, and there was instant chaos. Ventura was swept off his feet before he could run the bases.

Finally, the officials decided it can’t be a home run because Ventura failed to touch all four bases. They took away the homer and called the homer a "single." Rather than the game ending with a score of 7-3, it was officially scored as 4-3!....."Under" 9. Adrian’s sportbook took back their money and Adrian got the Bad Beat of the Decade Trophy.

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