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Lloyd Hewitt - Gambling Stories Collector I'm Lloyd Hewitt, gambling aficionado and gambling story collector. I hope you like this compilation of gambling stories. I'm always interested in hearing new ones, so if you have a gambling story you'd like to tell, just , and I'll add it to my site as soon as I can.

All the Gambling Stories fit to tell

Hi. My name’s Lloyd Hewitt, and I’ve been a hobby gambler for many years. What that means is that gambling has been my hobby, but never my profession. I’ve never concentrated on one particular game; I like them all. I love going to the casinos, and I’ve been doing it for years. One of my favorite things about gambling and casinos is the gambling stories you hear from the regulars. Gambling stories are everywhere. Everyone’s got a gambling story of one kind or another. Maybe you hit the jackpot on a notoriously tight slot machine… or maybe you were sitting beside someone who won a million bucks. Maybe you once had a coffee Amarillo Slim and only found out who he was later. Perhaps your uncle or aunt was in the Bellagio the night they played the famous “Big Game”.

One thing’s for sure. The more time you spend in a casino, the more gambling stories you’re going to hear. Have you ever noticed that lots of hardcore gamblers really like to talk? If they’ve been at it for enough years they’ll be sure to have some great gambling stories to tell you. That’s where being a good listener comes in handy. Sometimes I’ll spend more time in the coffee shop listening to a long-time roulette junkie telling me about that time when they almost hit it big, or the time when they were at the table when someone won a hundred grand, or the time they hit the big one. There’s something about listening to a serious casino visitor talking about a near miss at the tables that reminds me of the seasoned fly-fisherman talking about “the one that got away”. You know they’re going to remember that gambling story for the rest of their life… or at least until they have a better story to tell you; perhaps one about “the one that DIDN’T get away!” There’s always a gambling story waiting to be told; you just have get your radar tuned to seek out those that are just itching to tell you one. I’ve heard so many gambling stories that I always think I’ve heard everything… that is until the next time I’m sitting at the bar or in the coffee shop just waiting for someone to sit down next to me and say: “Hi. Wanna hear what happened to me the other day?”. That’s how it always starts.

I love hearing gambling stories as much as the gambling itself. That’s why I created this web site. I was tired of keeping these stories to myself, and I was running out of room in my den for the stacks of paper. My friends all said I should find a way to let others read them too. Now I’m not much of a computer guy, but my nephew is, and he gave me lots of help putting this site together. I just gave him an idea of what I was trying to get across. I want you make sure you can read all the stories that I’ve gathered over the years. You’ll find sports gambling stories, casino gambling stories, and there are also some great little gambling anecdotes as well as some nice long stories too.

Feel free to visit my Joker Poker and Gambling Tournaments page, where you'll find a schedule of tournaments going on online. Maybe you'll end up with a great story to send my way!

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